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Tyrannosaurus Rex T-shirt
Tyrannosaurus Rex T-shirt

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See? T-REX just wants to be your friend - your seven-ton friend with razor-sharp teeth and claws. Oh, and it also wants to eat you afterwards.

  • 100% cotton
  • Wash cold, dry low
  • Printed in USA on Gildan preshrunk tees
  • Product colors may differ from screen image
  • SKU: SKZ008



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Tyrannosaurus Rex Info
(tie•ran•oh•SORE•uss reks) The king (or queen!) of the dinosaurs, T-Rex was a fast and powerful predator. Its massive skull housed an unusually large brain case and more than 50 banana-sized teeth! Its eye sockets faced forward, allowing for binocular vision. The function of the small arms is not known, but they were robust and were possibly used in holding prey or during mating. Learn More >

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