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Pteranodon T-shirt
Pteranodon T-shirt

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This tee features the mighty PTERANODON flying over a desolate valley. What's it doing? Who knows. But just look at it. Majestic. Timeless.

  • 100% cotton
  • Wash cold, dry low
  • Printed in USA on Gildan preshrunk tees
  • Product colors may differ from screen image
  • SKU: SKZ001



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Pteranodon Info
(ter•AN•oh•don) Pteranodons soared in the skies of the late Cretaceous hunting for fish and other marine life. They were able to fly, often gliding but with bursts of flapping. They had toothless beaks and "hollow" bones which aided in flight. The crest on the back of the skull changed shape during its lifespan, so it's unlikely that it had any function other than display. Learn More >

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